The Moving Museum Istanbul - Residency Head Quarters

The Istanbul residency was headquartered in Ark Kultur, a stunning historic 1940’s three-story modernist Villa in Cihangir, a trendy neighbourhood in the central Beyoglu district of Istanbul. The Villa was transformed to serve as the centre of public engagement and dialogue where all our public talks were held weekly. The space included a communal workspace where artists would meet daily and became the central hub for everyone to work from; it also included a , photo studio, micro exhibition area, multipurpose workshop and dining room, reading room and discussion area.

Working with local artist, designer and Moving Museum production advisor Berkutay Gunel, we worked with local carpenters to design bespoke furniture for the space.

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Residency Programme 2014


Work in Progress

Iz Oztat

10/01/2024 — Istanbul
In Conversation

Aslı Çavusoglu and Cihan Aktas

05/12/2023 — Istanbul
In Conversation

Hale Tenger and Aylin Vartanyan

23/10/2023 — Istanbul
Off-Site Performance

Ha Za Vu Zu

11/10/2023 — Caferiye Han
Performative Lecture

Jeremy Bailey

09/10/2023 — Istanbul
In Conversation

Hito Steyerl, Fulya Erdemci and Sener Ozmen

08/10/2023 — Istanbul
Performative Lecture

Burak Delier

02/10/2023 — Istanbul
Founding Partner

The Vinyl Factory

In Conversation

Jumana Manna and Övül Durmusoglu

26/09/2023 — Istanbul
Off-Site Exhibition

Peles Empire

18/09/2023 — Istanbul
In Conversation

Phillip Zach and Julia Moritz

14/09/2023 — Istanbul
Performative Lecture

Amalia Ulman

13/09/2023 — Istanbul
Inside The Residency

Caferiye Han