Economics ve Belief Gymnastics: 6 Compulsory 6 Artistic Movements

Burak Delier will initiate his new poster essay series “Economics ve Belief Gymnastics: 6 Compulsory 6 Artistic Movements” with a lecture performance. The series, comprised of 12 posters referring to 6 compulsory 6 artistic movements, has been produced in an open manner towards the intuitive and and the probable where material flows in waves. The slogans and images roughly address three domains:

1) Economics, money, finance
2) Beliefs, placebo effect, metaphysics
3) Gynmastics, extreme sports, physics

Thursday 2 October

Doors Open 8pm, Talk begins at 8:30pm sharp. The talk will be held in English. Konuşma dili İngilizcedir. Çeviri imkanımız bulunmaktadır.The Moving Museum HQ
Ark Kultur
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