Amalia Ulman: Naked Yoga To Clavichord Music

Amalia Ulman doesn’t believe in heroes but enjoys Colette, Chopin, The Economist, Kusturica and Whit Stilman, insomnia, artificially aided insomnia, yerba mate, Goldman Sachs and Lehmann Brothers Memorablia, Homes & Gardens, french manicure and cashmere sweaters, poundlands, eurostores, dollarstores. She feels algorithmically restricted internet experience is like being trapped in the past and not being able to be forgiven for one’s mistakes. She tends to dream big, but she never dreams impossible. Her utopia is to involve herself in politics deeply and create a system where shelter and basic needs are covered for everyone.


TMM HQ Istanbul, SEP 13 20:00 – 21:00

Doors Open 20.00, Performance begins at 20.30

The Performance will be held in English.

Admission Free. Seating Limited.

Address: The Moving Museum HQ

Ark Kultur

Batarya Sk. No.2 Cihangir