Tai Shani: The 7 Darknesses: A Very Gothic Reading

‘The 7 Darknesses: A Very Gothic Reading’ is a staged minimalist reading of ‘Be, be the seven darknesses…’ a re-imagining of ‘Bluebeard’, the French folklore tale drawn from Gilles de Rais’ legendary atrocities. A feminist text written in sickening detail from the perspective of a cube of flesh, this ‘Sadeian’, explicitly violent, visceral and graphic text was originally commissioned for the metal fanzine, ‘Buried’.
The staging of ‘The 7 Darknesses: A Very Gothic Reading’ aims to heighten the discomfort and mesmer of grisly violence and seeks to explore the gap between the private and internal experience of read literature and the public experience of performed literature in relation to taste, obscenity and identification.
The reading will be performed by Gemma Brockis and accompanied by a live score by Chloe Herington (V A L V E).
Strictly for over 18’s, contains depictions of highly violent acts and sexual imagery.
The Vinyl Factory at 180 The Strand, 14 NOV 2013, London