Jon Rafman: In Search of the Virtual Sublime

Jon Rafman assumes a 3D avatar of Kool-Aid Man, and takes you on a journey through the user-generated world of Second Life. He will lead the audience across futuristic megalopolises, furry sex clubs, simulacra of great historical landmarks, and vast digital expanses. While navigating this complex metaverse, he provides live critical commentary, discussing the implications of virtual worlds for contemporary society. He addresses how it is possible to both critique and celebrate new technologies through the very tools themselves. Rafman will also present some of his recent video work.

Jon Rafman is a Montreal based media artist, filmmaker, essayist. His work explores the tension between experiences of the modern world, and the search for connectedness and significance in an indifferent universe. Through an anthropological vantage, Rafman’s practice elaborates the role of the image in shaping reality and the presence of internet technologies in redefining our relationship to landscape, and place.


TMM HQ Istanbul, SEP 4 20:00 – 21:00

Doors Open 20.00, Talk begins at 20.30

The talk will be held in English.

Admission Free.

Seating Limited.

Address: The Moving Museum HQ

Ark Kultur

Batarya Sk. No.2 Cihangir