Ivan Argote: Untitled (New York, Paris, Madrid)

At one of Dubai’s most established non-profit spaces, Shelter, there will be a non stop screening for six weeks of one of artist Ivan Argote’s most well known iPhone interventions who’s works attempt to mix theories from art history with real situations and real moments. The work on projection is from an ongoing study of city streets, which finds Argote watching pedestrians turn to face him after he yells ‘I love you’ and ‘you are beautiful’. Shelter is a flexible and free community workspace with an aim is to nurture entrepreneurship in Dubai presenting a perfect backdrop for these works.

“Groups of people are observed from behind in the public spaces. At certain moments, some people turn back looking towards the camera. The videos are shot in slow motion using a close up. I achieve this result by placing myself behind the crowds and yelling words of love and kindness. The idle filming tends to cancel the surprise effect and stresses facial expressions” Ivan Argote