Why Support?

The Moving Museum is an alternative not for profit organizational model to support contemporary arts practice. Our ambitious shows, educational outreach programmes and in-depth publications aim to engage a diverse and ever changing audience with new art and new ideas. Our unique traveling format of exhibitions and our desire to work with an international selection of artists creates unique challenges that you can help support. 

Working with artists to support the production and presentation of new artistic activity, The Moving Museum’s progressive model offers unique opportunities for sponsors who believe in and would like to support this vision, enabling The Moving Museum to continue to present cutting-edge exhibitions to thousands of visitors around the world each year. As we work to elevate the role of art in contemporary culture your sponsorship support can go a long way towards connecting to diverse communities around the world.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Moving Museum provides bespoke sponsorship packages to best benefit your organization. Staged alongside art fairs and Biennales, sponsors stand to benefit from the unique audience that attend these events as well as the local audiences in each city with which we engage.

You can sponsor The Moving Museum annually, partnering with us as we travel to each of the cities we visit, therefore extending a global reach. Alternatively you can support us per exhibition and receive recognition in a specific region. This could be an attractive option for organizations that have a dynamic interest in a particular city or region, offering sponsors an opportunity to identify and engage with selective regional audiences that would otherwise be unreachable with a static entity. 

If you are interested to learn more about partnering with The Moving Museum, please email