18 MAR - 9 MAY 2024

TECTONIC featured 24 of the world’s most innovative voices in contemporary art in what became a landmark presentation for the region. The exhibition was held in a 15,000 sq ft warehouse in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) amongst some of the regions most prestigious art galleries.

The exhibition is set against the backdrop of Dubai. Born out of the aspirations of the new century, the city has undergone its own tectonic transformation, establishing itself as an important cultural hub in the Middle East, while experiencing mammoth fluctuations in financial fortunes, landscape and population growth within a short period of time. TECTONIC’s presence in Dubai allows for a global gathering of compatible concerns that aims to raise questions, spark dialogues and respond to the particularities of a new environment.

TECTONIC brought together a diverse pool of artists working seamlessly across mediums and disciplines, contextualizing their approaches in a climate of rapid change, capturing the sense of urgency that is redefining contemporary art and laying the groundwork for its future.

Each artist was given a solo presentation, amounting to approximately 300 multimedia artworks that ranged from installation, performance, sculpture, video, sound, digital and painting.

The exhibition welcomed over 15,000 visitors over the course of 8 weeks.