What is a ‘Moving Museum’?
Our ‘moving’ describes our nomadic format, as well as our intention to advance contemporary art and its organizational infrastructure, to provide significant changes for the participating artists, realized artworks, and new audiences as a result of our activities. The Moving Museum is therefore not a stationary repository of objects, but rather a living breathing catalyst for change.

Does The Moving Museum hold a permanent collection?
The Moving Museum is a non-collecting organization. Its resources are dedicated to its dynamic exhibitions, public programs, and special commissions, which are ever evolving and focused on supporting and presenting emerging and established contemporary artists from around the world.

Is there a curator?
The Moving Museum draws on a global network of curatorial advisors to assemble the artist shortlist foreach project. Composed of experts from various disciplines, these advisors establish an ongoing source for independent advice from across the globe. In this way, The Moving Museum is led by the spirit of collaborative exchange and its curatorial direction led by the combined perspectives of many.This ensures that the artwork on exhibit reflect the spirit of the time, and that its exhibitions establish a platform for artistic voices rather than curatorial opinions.

How is The Moving Museum funded?
The Moving Museum funds its programming through in-kind support, sponsorship from private and public organizations, and the sale of artworks offered by participating artists. By promoting the sale of an artist’s works, we aim to provide a valuable source of funding for the artist’s current and future projects as well as support for The Moving Museum’s programme. These resources are an essential part of our fundraising strategy and belief that commercial activity can be sustainable, ethical, and beneficial to artists and the communities in which they take place and supportive of the exhibiting organizations agenda: supporting our vision of offering a sustainable, daring, and unparalleled international platform for artists and new ideas.

For a full list of our previous sponsors and partners, please visit our ‘Supporters’ pages.

What is a Community Interest Company?
A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a new type of company introduced by the UK government in 2005, designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets to benefit the public. A CIC is an organization with social objectives that employs commercial principles to support social objectives. Our assets are locked into socially beneficial causes and dividends are capped. Such organizations have a valuable tole to play in helping create strong and socially inclusive economies. It allows us to engage with the commercial aspects of the art world in an ethical and progressive way, offering an additional means of fundraising the production and presentation of new forms of artistic activity.