Dar Al Sulh or Domain of Conciliation, is the societal division that Jews, Christians, and other faiths occupied in Muslim lands. It provided freedom of religion, autonomy, and protection by the host country’s armies in exchange for jizya, a tribute tax.

Dar Al Sulh is a restaurant that will be the first in the Arab World to serve the cuisine of Iraqi Jews since their exodus, which began in the 1940s. Dar Al Sulh will feature Michael Rakowtiz’s Iraqi Jewish grandmother’s recipes, whose ingredients and combinations of flavors represent something of an endangered species, as many of these dishes were specific to the Jewish population and are no longer served in Iraq today.

Food will be served on plates and trays that originally belonged to members of this ancient community and which survived the departure from their homeland.

Dar Al Sulh seeks to be a time machine, to reactivate a space when there was harmony. The notion of conciliation is the central philosophy of Dar Al Sulh, meant to be reflected in the food and the conversations spoken around it.

Dinner will be served each night and correspond to 7 themed conversations. The nights will also host Tuning Cheap Baseball jerseys Baghdad, a growing archive of rare video footage, audio clips, and historical information on Iraqi-Jewish musicians which will provide a soundtrack for the dining experience.

May 1-7 2013

Please make a reservation for any night from Wed 1 to Tues 7 May. Email Daralsulh@gmail.com

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