Jeremy Bailey

The You Museum is an online gallery and series of artworks by Jeremy Bailey. Using a few simple questions The You Museum curates personalized exhibitions that are delivered to you via banners on the websites you visit most. Using various retargeting technologies these exhibitions reach you organically across ninety-eight percent of the internet. And if you like your personalized artwork, you can buy it by simply clicking a banner, sending you to an e-commerce storefront where you can complete your acquisition. The You Museum reclaims commercial space on behalf of the arts in a way that establishes itself as the leading platform for collaborative self-expression. The You Museum is investing in a better future, The You Museum is investing in You. The You Museum has been supported through funding from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario and The Canada Council for the Arts. The Moving Museum residency and exhibition programme in Istanbul was the motivation and inspiration for this work.