Iz Öztat

Iz Öztat performs on multiple fronts such as making, gathering, writing, translating, hosting and mediating. Although her work is dependent on the context within which it is produced, she returns to certain subjects: ideological connotations of display, self-reflexivity about the conditions of artistic production, the construction of subjective time maps and genealogies as a way to negotiate historiography. Her process usually begins with archival research and initiated dialogues, which manifests as an animistic quest into the potential of objects and materials in conveying knowledge. Once the idea materializes, she attempts to activate the installation through performative and dialogic encounters. Since 2010, she has been engaged in an untimely collaboration with Zişan (1894 – 1970), who appears to her as a historical figure, channelled spirit and an alter ego.

Iz Öztat, born 1981, is an artist based in Istanbul and a BA honors graduate of Oberlin College and an MA graduate of Sabancı University. She is currently a candidate for PhD in Art Practice at Yıldız Technical University, İstanbul. Selected solo exhibitions include Conducted in depth and projected at length at Heidelberger Kunstverein in Germany (2014) and İz at Maçka Sanat Gallery in İstanbul (2012).Selected group shows include Rendez-vous 13 at the Institut d’art Contemporain in Lyon (2013), Here Together Now at Matadero Madrid (2013) and Underconstruction at Apartment Project in Berlin (2012).