Hannah Perry

Hannah Perry’s works are part-sculpture, part intervention, while her video pieces make use of footage shot by the artist and found materials such as film footage, audio clips, images and objects. Her work draws on and develops a wide network of references that are activated by the proliferation of images and references in our hyper technological society. She draws on personal experiences and videos that are then juxtaposed with videos from video archives, creating a collage of universal experiences that are reflective of our daily investment in images of youth, power, sex and lifestyle.

Her artistic process begins by collecting and filming images and video, from iPhone videos of her friends and family to obscure documentaries. There is a humour in these associations made between the images recognisable from popular culture and the artist’s own intimate and personal images. As the artist explains, “my work is often about accidental rhythms, or finding beauty in daft moments.” In order to dispel any hierarchy between her found and shot footage, Perry often processes the found videos through, for example, VHS players or data compression in order to equalize image quality.

In a recent work, ‘Just Relaxx,’ Perry collaborated with the Barbican Create Program. In developing the work Perry worked with the artists, Stan Iordanov, Yuri Pattison, Paul Purgas, Alex Ressel and Rosie Whitney-Fish in the respective areas of audio production, live video and performance. From May to July 2013, the artist ran a series of sessions, which enabled Perry to co-produce the piece with a group of teenagers from Woolwich. Together with Perry, they examined the influences on the modern life of the young people, and encouraged them to participate in the collection and generation of digital material and development of the work.

Hannah Perry (born 1984) lives in London, UK. She graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2009 and is currently a Fine Art postgraduate at The Royal Academy of Arts. Her recent shows include Just Relaxx a live video performance at the Barbican Centre in July 2013. Her solo shows in 2012 include Happy Paralysis, Les Urbaines, Switzerland, Zabludowicz Collection Invites Hannah Perry, Zabludowicz Gallery, London, Hotel Palenque, London Cell Project Space, London. Her installation, ‘Kicking My Game,’ will be exhibited at the Saatchii Gallery in December as part of their NEW ORDER: BRITISH ART TODAY series. Her group shows include ‘Premiums’ At the Royal Academy Schools, London (2013), Heterotopias, New End Art Foundation, New York (2013), Open Fire, Spike Island, Bristol, Ssecondo Anniversario, Seventeen Gallery, London, The Open Office/ 0_0 programme at Arcaia Missa, with Clunie Reid, London (2012), Chester, CO2 Gallery, Rome (2012), Para Production, Boetzelaer|Nispen, Amsterdam (2012) Erotic Discourse with film (performance), V22, London (2012), Il Cavaliere with, Royal Standard, Liverpool Biennial (2012), Young London, V22, London (2012), Pami, South London Gallery, London (2012), E Vapor 8, Scholes, New York, NY (2012),Keeping Time,, London (2012), Erotic Discourse, Zabludowicz Gallery (2012)