Ha Za Vu Zu

Ha Zu Vu Zu is an artist collective based in Istanbul. The collective acts with an absence of hierarchy to encourage the unpredictable within sound and vision. Ha Za Vu Zu sees itself as a hub of abundant collaboration and exchange of ideas. The groups work lies somewhere between performance and agitprop, humour and the organisation of offbeat evenings. The form is variable, spanning performance, installation, videos and objects (from books, flags and banners to mutated disco balls and assorted ephemera). They are an “open work”, in the sense implied by Umberto Eco; there is no single model, but a chameleon form of art that is adaptable and modifiable. By instigating the spontaneous formation of new modes of collective action and experience, such performances offer audience members the opportunity to imagine new social orders, new roles for themselves, and alternative modes of political engagement.

Ha Za Vu Zu is an artist collective formed in 2005 and based in Istanbul. Selected solo exhibitions include For Whom Is It Too Late Today ? Between Stamp and Mars at Frac des Pays de la Loir in Carquefou (2009), TIRGIT’ZE! / Herkese Açýk – Anyone can come in at MASA Project in Istanbul (2009) and Gymnastic: collective and rhythmic at Hafriyat Karakoy in Istanbul (2009). Selected group exhibitions include The Spirit of Utopia at The Whitechapel Gallery in London (2013), UCCA- The Multitude Art Prize in Beijing (2013), Turkish art New and Superb at TANAS in Berlin (2012), What a Loop performance at Münchner Kammerspiele in Munich (2010) and the 10th Biennale de Lyon (2009).