Emanuel Rossetti
From the virtual to the physical and back: whether Emanuel Rossetti makes 3D animations, strings ropes across a public plaza or builds architectures out of light bulbs and fruit boxes, the artist constructs spaces that oscillate between abstract models and their scale materialization. In Rossetti’s recent exhibition at Kunsthalle Bern the visitor entered into a cluster of boundaries, forcing her to repeatedly cross the stage, passing through curtains and stepping outside while being accompanied by a sustained sound. Drip Event, a 2013 collaboration with artists Tobias Madison and Stefan Tcherepnin turned two levels of a Dallas power station into a flooded water installation that produced a drone sound of dripping water aided by aluminum pans, pieces of plastic and metal scraps arranged on a wooden stage.

Emanuel Rossetti, born 1987, is a Swiss artist based in Basel. Selected solo exhibitions include Delay Dust at Kunsthalle Bern (2014), Life & The Invitation& Vapour in Debri& (with Tobias Madison and Stefan Tcherepnin) at The Modern Institute in Glasgow (2014) and Drip Event (with Tobias Madison and Stefan Tcherepnin) at The Power Station in Dallas (2013). Selected group shows include HAGGARD CARAVAN at The Hepworth Wakfield (2014), Merzen at LiveInYourHead in Geneva (2014), Gemini at Francesca Pia in Zurich (2013), Version Control at Arnolfini in Bristol (2013), TCCA / NEW THEATER 2012-2013 / APN Research あぷん / autoslides #1–3 / shindisi home videos / the deleted scene / a fanzine as a museum / a museum as a fanzine / cut-out bin / apnegative / sci-fi sounds from the alienated kitchen / OOO &&& LLL / hc r 1 at Kunsthalle Bern (2012), Corso Multisala at Kunsthall Charlottenborg in Copenhagen (2011), Cactus Craze at Kunstwerke in Berlin (2010) and Brightest Day / Darkest Night at Burning Bridges in New York (2010). From 2008–2013 Rossetti was co-running the exhibition space New Jerseyy in Basel, between 2011 and 2013 he was involved with the cinema AP-News in Zurich. In 2014 Rossetti received the Swiss Art Award.