Elmas Deniz

Elmas Deniz is an Istanbul based artist interested in global power structures, state-control, urbanism, economy and globalization – interests that extend beyond her artistic practise into everyday life. She is also a writer and initiator of several artist run initiatives and self-organized projects. She edits the Mental Space Series of Sanat Dunyamız journal and co-directed the K2 Artist Initiative between 2004-2007 in İzmir.

Elmas Deniz, born 1981, is an artist from Turkey based in Istanbul and a graduate of Dokuz Eylul University. Selected solo exhibitions include Elmas at Macka Sanat Galerisi in Istanbul (2012), Money issues at Pasajist independent art space in Istanbul (2012) and On Volatility at Galeria Nouva in Bucharest (2007). Selected group exhibitions include UNREST OF FORM at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2013), Suspended Song at Co-Pilot in Istanbul (2013) and at Becoming Istanbul SALT in Istanbul. She received the Berlin Goethe Institute cultural grant in 2007.