David Douard

David Douard draws inspiration from the processes of transformation and development at work in our world; transforming plants, wit, saliva, images, technology or language into tools to reveal the principles of transmission. Organic, porous and complex, his work deploys itself in bounds and imitates the dynamics of a proliferating virus, insinuating itself into the “ills of reality” and the contamination of the world, and infiltrating the mysteries and anomalies of our programming. His work leaps through contradictory references—poetry, history of science, technology, animism, counterculture, etc.—and gives them expression through combinations of video, sculpture, collage, sound, or past masterpieces grafted onto interactive installations in order to create allegorical tales that reflect the infectious relationships manifest between worlds that hoped themselves impermeable to one another.

David Douard, born 1983, is a French artist based in Paris. Selected solo exhibitions include Mo’Swallow at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2014) Narrow-Cold Lovelat Signal Center for Contemporary Art in Malmö (2013), Lord Antbony at Rongwrong in Amsterdam (2012) and Mécanique populaire at Chez Valentin in Paris (2011). Selected group exhibitions include The Great Acceleration at the Taipei Biennial (2014), Meanwhile…Suddenly And Then at the 12th Biennale de Lyon (2013), How Far Away is Mars at T293 in Rome (2013), Dommage qu’elle doive mourir mais c’est notre lot à tous at Galerie Kamm in Berlin (2013), Sunbathers at 1857 in Oslo (2013) and
The Cthulhu Club at Gasconade in Milan (2013).