Amalia Ulman

Amalia Ulman is an Argentinean-born, Spanish-raised artist based between the cities of Los Angeles and Gijon. As a self-described transatlantic expat, the spirit of national nomadism and outsider cultural inquisitiveness inform her practice. Her works are primarily voiced in the first person, often blurring the distinction between the artist and object of study. The aesthetic is clean, minimal and translucent. The recurring imagery - pearls, butterflies, hearts, coffee art, household ornamentation, and motivational slogans– are a montage of mundane prosaicness evoking the iconography of a coming-of-age femininity and the language of relationship advice columns. Undertones of possession, seduction, anxiety and insecurity bristle in unlikely beige and taupe. Ubiquitous, everyday objects are observed as unearthed treasures concealing exotic truths viewed from a furtive, almost voyeuristic vantage point.

Amalia Ulman, born 1989, is an Argentinean artist based between Los Angeles and Gijon and a BA graduate of Central Saint Martins (2011). Selected exhibitions include solo shows Delicious Works at Smart Objects in LA (2014), Moist Forever at Future Gallery, Berlin (2013) and group shows at Evelyn Yard in London (June Snow, 2014), Swiss Institute in New York (The St Petersburg Paradox, 2014), KM Temporaer in Berlin (Surplus Living, 2014) and High Art in Paris (Significant Others, 2014). She is also the creator of social mobile application ETHIRA (2013), has developed lifestyle products for Dis Magazine’s DISOWN project (2014) and has spoken in Mexico and Miami as part of Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets’ 89+ project (On Branding Panel Discussion, 2013 and 89+ Marathon of the Americas, 2014).